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Greetings New comer! I want to thank you for joining us. Please tell us a little about yourself! Also understand this site is for the dedicated Drag Racers all over the United states. While you are here be sure to talk some smack or just make some new friends. Beware we do have some uncensored rooms and they are not children friendly or for people who are sensitive to cussing or excessive smack talk. Most rooms will have a moderator who will keep all talks and chats clean. Thank you very much and please enjoy. Doug aka Too_Nuts.

Recent News

This is a new look for the web page. We are growing and making some changes. If there are any changes you would like to see drop us an email or post to let us know. Also let us know what ya think so far. As you all know we cant please everyone, but we will work to please most.
Thank You for your patients, as we grow, and start new things.